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Arkema has developed the product lines of asphalt rejuvenators to address these issues specifically. Revive® and Cecabase® RWI asphalt rejuvenators facilitate significantly increased RAP usage while maintaining mix flexibility and controlling stiffness. They work in two separate ways:     
  1. They have high solvency for the old, aged, and oxidized asphalt. This means a very high percentage of the RAP binder will be quickly accessed and brought into the binder/mastic continuum.                                                                                                                                                
  2. They reduce the complex shear modulus of the resulting RAP-virgin asphalt binder mixture. This combination reduces the risk of undesired performance and enables the profitable use of more recycled/reclaimed asphalt pavement.

Adding 20% RAP to a 15% RAP mix will allow you to reduce your virgin binder demand by almost 40%. With Arkema’s Revive® and Cecabase® RWI asphalt rejuvenators, these results can be effectively achieved without compromising the quality and long-term durability of the mterm durability of the mix.


  • Saves money by incorporating more RAP, reducing the amount of virgin binder and lowering aggregate use in the mix                                                               
  • Improves low temperature properties of the mix                                                                         
  • Alternative that is bio-renewable

More information about this range: Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) & Rejuvenators

Revive® 1114

Asphalt Rejuvenating Additive

• Easier RAP utilization

• Better profitability

• Easier constructability using RAP

Cecabase® RWI

Easily Maximize the Use of RAP

• Lower carbon footprint

• Improved operational efficiency

• Reduced costs

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Arkema has developed a free Guide to Evaluating Recycled/Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenators which provides guidance on:
  • How to effectively evaluate RAP rejuvenators.
  • (8) key questions to ask your asphalt rejuvenator supplier to avoid high-RAP mix challenges.
  • Tests that can be used to predict RAP rejuvenator durability and performance both in the lab and in the field.
  • How to determine whether an asphalt rejuvenator will truly help increase RAP usage and improve high-RAP mix performance long-term. 
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