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Our fatty substance derivatives make it possible to form a lipophilic film in the lubrication:
  • Rolling and drawing of copper, aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel
  • Drawing and stamping of copper and aluminum                                            
Our friction modifiers increase fuel economy and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Noram®, Dinoram®
  • Noramox®, Dinoramox®
  • Inipol® OO2


Product Range Type Benefits
Noram®  Fatty amines • Amines, Diamines, Ethoxylated (2) amines:
Friction modifiers for:
-Motor oil
-Neat oil
-Fuel additives

• Ethoxylated (>5) amines & diamines:
-Friction modifiers for Soluble oil & semi synthetic fluids
-Enhance dispersion and emulsion

• Fatty Diamines:
-Filming amine
-Protects from corrosion

• Fatty Amines, Fatty Diamines, Ethoxylated (2) amines:
-Improved limit lubrication with Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) extreme pressure (EP)/anti-wear (AW) additives properties
-Possibilities to use in lubricant package

•Ethoxylated fatty amine:
-Cationic properties for cold rolling oil at pH 4-6 (as tallow amine)
-Enhance dispersion and emulsion
Dinoram®  Fatty diamines
Noramox®  Fatty amine ethoxylates
Dinoramox®  Fatty diamine ethoxylates
Inipol® OO2  Fatty diamine salt

About our lastest developments

Noramox® S2

• Improve fuel economy of thermal engines                                                                          
• Reduce overall CO2 emissions                                                                     
• Prevents the formation of sediments by dispersing them                                                                                  
• Friction modifier in thermal or electric engine oils                                                                                  
• Added to fluids for automatic and manual transmissions

Inipol® 002

• Used to drawing soft copper and aluminium tubing, rod and wire                                                    
• Promotes sediment dispersion and prevents sludge                                                    
• Dewatering properties                                            
• Corrosion inhibition

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