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Arkema worldwide

As a global Surfactant producer, we provide bio-based products with varying functions:
• Emulsifiers and Solubilisers
• High Foam surfactants
• Low foam surfactants
• Wetting agents
• Degreasers and soil removers

Arkema's vision, "Always strive for efficiency while developing more sustainable solutions," drives us to offer a wide range of surfactants to help resolve our customers' challenges and support their sustainability goals.

Our Mass Balance concept:

Together with our suppliers, we are replacing the fossil ethylene oxide (EO) with 100% mass balance EO through ISCC + Certification                                                                                                        
  • Reduces fossil feedstock input and enhance the sustainability of the product                                               
  • Reduces CO2 emissions                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Have positive impact on the environment                                                                                              
  • The quality and properties of a product remain the same. No need to adapt formulations, plants or processes

Sensio Clear Overview:

A strong degreasing power

Sensio™ Clear is a multi-benefit solution offering a unique combination of cleaning power and foaming profile, exceeding the requirements of standard cleaning products (hard surface cleaning, laundry, dishwasher, car wash, and I&I products). Sensio™ Clear is derived from castor oil, a vegetal source out of palm oil, without direct competition with the food chain. This range offers a  more sustainable alternative to traditional non-ionic surfactants. Sensio's friendly labeling and ease of formulation enhance the user experience and allows its use in many eco-labels.

More information about this range: Bio-based Surfactants

Sensio™ Clear

Innovative bio-based surfactant solution for cleaning applications

• Highly concentrated liquid

• Water-like viscosity allowing easy handling in production

• Compatible with all surfactant categories

• Compatible with highly compacted detergents.

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