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Arkema leads the industry in developing innovative asphalt additive and bitumen emulsifier chemistries and paving technologies focused on raising the performance bar for preventive pavement maintenance. Specifically, our chemistries add durability to chip seal and micro surfacing/slurry applications that can extend application life by 30% or more. We have also pioneered innovative chip seal, micro surfacing, and thin-lift application techniques that extend application life beyond several years. The result is safer, longer-lasting roads, lower life cycle costs, and satisfied government or agency road owners and the public. Our product ranges include ACRA, AD-here®, ArrMuls®, BondTekk®, Cecabase®, ColdGrip®, deScent®, Dinoram®, NovaGrip®, Polyram, Revive®, Restore®, Stabiram®, Strata®, and WarmGrip®.

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