Websites and locations
Our team of application experts provide our customers with the following on-site application and process support services:

Application Survey
A detailed review of how our chemical solutions are being applied along with recommendations to optimize performance.

Process Reviews
Our goal is to optimize your manufacturing process and improve your product quality. While our chemical solutions on their own will help achieve this goal, sometimes simple process changes can have a dramatic impact on these outcomes. We will work closely with you to ensure that both our specialty chemical solution and your process are working effectively together to optimize performance.

Field Trial Support
When trialing new technology, you need the support of a hands-on company who can help design, implement and analyze trial programs. It is important that trials are designed to meet your critical needs and are carried out in a manner that accurately predicts performance in changing system conditions.

Product Training
As an Arkema customer, we will work with your employees to ensure they understand our specialty chemical solutions, and how they should be applied to optimize performance and safety. Whether it’s a refresher course for seasoned veterans or training for new employees, we will work with you to ensure your staff is trained in the effective application of our technology.