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Thickening your acidic solutions with Cecajel® grades empower your formulations with the below benefits:
  • Provides high and stable viscosity
  • Easy to process and to formulate as no heating is required and it is quickly dissolved
  • Compatible with strong and weak acids like Hydrochloric, phosphoric, nitric, sulfuric, sulfamic, citric, methanesulfonic
  • Provides clear and stable gels
  • Has good wetting properties and can be used as detergent and perfume solubilizer
  • Compatible with biocides
  • Complies with the Detergent Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004

More information about this range: Thickeners for Acidic Gels

Cecajel® 210

Concentrated fatty amine ethoxylate

• Used as a thickener for the acidic cleaners

• Easily incorporated in the formulation

• Suitable for strong and weak acids

• Has emulsification properties that allow better cleaning performance

Cecajel® 250

Dedicated to thicken the hydrochloric acid formulations

• Concentrated 

• Does not need counter-ion or co-surfactant to generate a good and stable viscosity

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