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These emulsions are used to build, maintain and recycle our roadways, driveways, and parking lots. They are also used to make specialty coatings for industrial applications such as waterproofing, sound dampening, and architectural coatings. These emulsions provide many key benefits versus alternative materials, including adaptability and flexibility, enhanced performance, ease of use, energy savings, and improved worker safety.

Today the asphalt paving industry faces many challenges, including an aging infrastructure in mediocre to poor condition, reduced government/agency funding amid rising costs, increased competition from alternatives such as concrete, and demand for improved environmental stewardship and sustainability. Arkema is focused on providing the industry with smarter, innovative asphalt/bitumen emulsifier technologies designed to improve emulsion performance to create longer-lasting and more cost-efficient roads and specialty coatings.

Arkema works closely with producers at the emulsion plant and paving contractors in the field to implement new asphalt/bitumen emulsifier technologies to help them improve asphalt emulsion product performance, fix product problems, bring new products to market, and increase efficiency and profitability. Our product ranges include ACRA, ArrMuls®, Dinoram®, Polyram, and Stabiram®.

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