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Our Galoryl®, Dustrol® and Fluidiram® coatings are designed to improve dust, and caking control and can be customized to impart a specific fertilizer color to the surface of the substrate. Our research scientists, with the help of our field technicians, can diagnose and prescribe the appropriate colorant, coating, or, in some cases, a combination or package of multiple coloring agents to achieve the desired fertilizer color for our customers.

Arkema also designs and installs optimal application systems for our coloring agents. These application systems can be designed to include colorimeters to detect subtle changes in fertilizer color, shade, and intensity and to synchronize these detection devices to dosing controls to maintain consistent colorant adherence to fertilizer color specifications.


  • Improved product marketability                                                                                                                               
  • Better product differentiation                                                                                                                                             
  • The ability to demand a premium price

About our latest developments


Dust Control and Performance Boost for Fertilizers

• Retains existing or generated dust throughout handling and storage

• Available on many viscosity grades according to your business

• Suitable for all types of fertilizers in the market

Galoryl® WT 212Y

Moisture Absorption Control of Blended Products (Hydrophobic) 

• Moisture resistant coating where caking is not a primary issue

• UV tracer technology or Colorant available upon request

• Reduces logistics and handling cost


Anti-Caking and Water Resistant Product to Improve Efficiency

• Detain salt bridges formation and caking reactions

• Act as dust control for long period of time

• Prevent water absorption by the fertilizer

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