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Asphalt recycling techniques replace old and distressed pavements with new, smoother, safer, durable, crack-free roads. These techniques are economical since they reuse the asphalt and aggregate in the old road to build the new road. Asphalt recycling also reduces hauling costs and wear and tear on adjacent roads since the road is built in place.

Arkema innovates asphalt additives and bitumen emulsifiers that elevate asphalt recycling and recycled/reclaimed asphalt pavement performance standards. Our chemistries add durability, speed up traffic return time, and make construction easier in in-situ recycling, including cold-in-place recycling, full-depth reclamation, granular base stabilization, and hot-in-place recycling. We have also developed ground-breaking design techniques and specifications to dramatically improve recycled asphalt's quality, predictability, and dependability. Our product ranges include Cecabase®, Fortress®, Reflex®, Restore®, Revive® and Stabiram®.

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