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During asphalt production, Arkema helps asphalt producers formulate an asphalt mix that exceeds agency performance criteria while reducing the risk of premature failure. We offer a broad range of asphalt additives, including adhesion promoters, warm mix additives, rejuvenators, odor suppressants, and more. Our additives enhance the physical and/or chemical properties of asphalt by helping mitigate moisture damage, improve compaction, facilitate higher recycled asphalt use, reduce unpleasant odors, and much more. Our product ranges include AD-here®, Cecabase®, Cecabase® RTColdGrip®, deScent®, NovaGrip®, Revive® and WarmGrip®.

Whether you are producing warm mix, cold mix, or hot mix asphalt, we can help by providing worry-free solutions for the highest-performing asphalt mix possible. In many cases, we can open the possibility of using a more comprehensive range of asphalt and aggregate combinations to save you money.

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