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Arkema's high-performance solutions and expert services are designed to overcome the challenges of the current climate and accommodate different regions' increasingly strict environmental standards.

With our sophisticated polymers and additives, oil and gas customers benefit from higher yields, safer pipelines, and streamlined extraction and transportation processes. Our goal is to continue innovating and co-developing new solutions from bio-degradable raw materials to help provide operators with more sustainable and safe operations with higher HSE standards.

Flow assurance solutions

Crude oil can encounter various problems that risk hindering the flow along different installations and transport lines. Effective flow-assurance solutions manage the risks with fuel flow by providing crude demulsification, defoaming, and deposit formation inhibition along the lines. 

Arkema’s flow assurance portfolio has been designed to provide excellent treating solutions like emulsion breakers, paraffin and asphaltene control, and foam and scale or hydrate control application.

Our range of solutions, Prochinor® and Inipol® AD, ensure that our Oil and Gas customers’ operating expenditures and profitability are optimized at every stage of the supply chain.

Product Range



Prochinor® AM Antifoam/defoamer additives Prochinor® AM are antifoam/defoamer additives prevent or cure foam formation in crude oil processing and storage facilities, in gas and water treatment facilities.
Prochinor® AP - Flow improvers
- Pour point depressants 
- Paraffin deposition inhibitors/dispersants
There are three categories of Prochinor® AP:
- Flow improvers reduce the viscosity of waxy crudes/condensates
- Pour point depressants (PPD)   lower the pour point to avoid gelling of the crude oil/condensate
- Paraffin deposition inhibitors/dispersants to prevent paraffin deposit formation in production, processing, storage and transportation facilities
Prochinor® FL Deoilers In addition to demulsifiers used in onshore or offshore production units or in refineries, the residual oil in water has to be separated in a specific effluent treatment plant using deoilers. Deoilers Prochinor® FL can be flocculants or coagulants.


Asset integrity management solutions

Corrosion is one of the more significant threats to the service life of oil and gas pipelines and nearby facilities. Corrosive damage is caused by contact between the water phase of production and installations – in the case of a leak; such damage could incur steep financial and environmental costs.

Our integrity management portfolio provides Oil and Gas customers with the best innovative and cost-effective solutions to curtail corrosive damage.

Norust® corrosion inhibitors offer optimum protection irrespective of fluid characteristics or field conditions. Bactiram® biocides were developed for bacteria control during the cycle's production, processing, and storage phases. 

Our solutions are designed to protect oil and gas production assets from ultra-corrosive damage for stable facility operations.
Norust® Corrosion inhibitors
Norust® are efficient corrosion inhibitors developed to protect oil and gas production installations against internal corrosion. This includes protection of water systems specific to oil fields (produced water disposal systems and production, treatment and injection waters facilities).
Norust® offers an optimum corrosion inhibition whatever the fluid characteristics and field conditions: CO2 and/or H2S presence, low or high water salinity, top of line/gas phase corrosion, high temperature, high shear.
Bactiram® Biocide Control bacteria growth in oil and gas production, processing, storage and transportation facilities, as well as in water systems specific to oil fields.

Bactiram® prevent corrosion, injectivity reduction, fouling and plugging problems due to the presence of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) and thiosulfate reducing bacteria (TRB).

Hydraulic Fracturing Dust control solutions

Recent field studies have revealed that workers are exposed to high levels of respirable crystalline silica during the hydraulic fracturing process.

When breathed regularly, the dust from silica sand has been shown to cause lung disease, lung cancer, and other life-threatening conditions.

SandTec® is a silica dust control proppant coating technology delivering a reduction in silica dust of up to 99%, dramatically reducing the risk of exposure for Oil and Gas personnel

A 100% bio-renewable and biodegradable solution, SandTec® does not interfere with good performance thanks to compatibility with hydraulic fracturing fluids.
  • Up to 99% silica dust reduction built into the sand
  • Significantly improved safety and site conditions
  • Stable, long-lasting dust control
  • Continuous protection from the sand mine to the well head
  • Easy to apply with no drying or curing required
  • Smaller footprint than mechanical systems
  • Frac fluid compatible with no negative impact on fracturing operations or well productivity
  • Non-toxic, biodegradeable and biorenewable
  • Reduced sand attrition during transport

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