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Conditioning treatments for fertilizers may be used to interrupt fertilizer caking tendencies, thereby enhancing the product’s value and handling safety. Producers can apply an external treatment of a coating or anti-caking agent for fertilizers that contain appropriate surface-active agents to disrupt typical fertilizer caking mechanisms. These anti-caking agents or coatings are usually formulated with other components that reduce the formation of dust, excessive amounts of which can promote crystal bridging, which also contributes to caking.

When crop nutrition producers treat their fertilizer adequately with one of our high-quality Fluidiram® and Galoryl® anti-caking agents, they can be confident knowing that they have successfully addressed fertilizer caking-related safety concerns in their workplace and downstream handling facilities. Arkema will help you select the best Fluidiram® and Galoryl® anti-caking agent and design an optimal coating application system to meet your needs.


Improved fertilizer blends
  • Significantly reduces fertilizer blend susceptibility to moisture uptake
  • Increases time available between blending and field application
  • Provides robust, long-lasting caking control
Easier handling for distributors and retailers
  • Blends maintain free-flowing characteristics for up to 4x longer
  • Moisture uptake is reduced by up to 35%
  • Delivers significant anti-caking control
  • Compatible with typical blending, coating and application equipment and practices
Less hassle for growers
  • Easier to work within narrow fertilizer application windows during spring and fall
  • Reduces potential for missed nutrient application to crop rows or sections
  • Compatible with most fertilizer blends
Better economics
  • Creates a differentiated, high-value product customers want
  • Offsets financial risk of managing more sensitive fertilizer blends
  • Reduces potential for loss of valuable product

About our latest developments

Fluidiram® 6126

Designed for High Caking Control (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN))

• Minimizes fertilizer caking

• UV tracer technology available upon request

• Added benefit of dust control and moisture resistance 

Fluidiram® 798

Low grade Anti-caking (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (NPK))

• Provides robust, long-lasting caking control

• UV tracer technology available upon request

• Reduces logistics and handling cost 

Galoryl® ATH 626 PS

Designed for High Caking Substrates with Lower Application Rates

• Minimizes fertilizer caking

• UV tracer technology available upon request

• Reduces logistics and handling cost

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