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This situation causes wear, increases friction and can cause rough edges to weld. The viscosity of the oil no longer intervenes in these extreme conditions, it is the additives present in the oil which will chemically interact with the metal surfaces to form a protective film.                                                   
  • Surfaline® PE
  • Melioran® P312L
  • CustoFloat® 1154


Product Type Benefits
Surfaline® PE684 Phosphate Ester of
Oleyl alcohol 5 EO
  • Anti-wear additives for Metal Working Formulations
  • Lubricant additives for fuel, oil and grease
  • Oiliness and anti-corrosion properties
  • Brings synergies with Extreme Pressure sulphur additives (TPS® and VPS®)
  • Excellent emulsification power
  • Stable in hard water
Surfaline® PE680 Phosphate Ester of
C16C18 alcohol
Melioran® P312L Phosphate Ester of
C12C14 alcohol 8 EO
CustoFloat® 1154 Phosphate Ester of Isotridecanol 3 EO

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Surfaline® PE684

• Anti-wear/extreme pressure                                                        
• Friction modifier                                                                 
• Anti-corrosion/antioxidant                                                        
• Emulsifier properties: anionic properties used in rolling oil and metal working emulsion                                                        
• Can be used in lubricant package

Surfaline® PE680

• Anti-wear/extreme pressure                                                             
• Anti-corrosion/antioxidant                                                             
• Used in the manufacture of greases, drawing compounds, chain belt lubricants and gear oils

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