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Due to their inimitable structure, the Dianol® products are used:
  • in polyurethane adhesive (PU) formulations to give enhanced adhesion properties, especially on metal and plastics
  • in various resins such as saturated or unsaturated polyester and epoxies where Dianol® impart high temperature and chemical resistance
  • in PU elastomers and adhesives where sterilization at high temperatures is requested
Dianol® products are often used as additives for epoxy, polyester, or phenolic resins and act as a reactive diluent to impart mechanical, scratch, and chemical resistance.

The Dianol® product line is available with reactive (primary hydroxyl) and non-reactive (secondary hydroxyl) grades depending on the type of oxide used (ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, or butylene oxide). Dianol® products have low molecular weight and varies from 315 to 1070 g/mol.

More information about this range: Adhesion Promoters & Temperature Resistance

Dianol® 330

• Improves adhesion especially on metal.

• Improves mechanical properties at high temperatures.

• Provides flexibility and hardness.

• Gives good chemical and hydrolysis resistance.

• Gives higher glass transition.

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