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Explosive ammonium nitrate or porous prill ammonium nitrate is used as a solid oxidizer in industrial explosives such as ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO), which accounts for a large percentage of the explosives used in North America. It is also widely used in ANFO/Emulsion blends.

As a global market leader in additives and coatings for the low-density ammonium nitrate industry, Arkema has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products engineered specifically to improve low-density ammonium nitrate production efficiency and enhance product quality. Our GALORYL® product line is designed as internal additives to improve the prill integrity and porosity control, as well as external coatings for application on porous ammonium nitrate. These are tailor-made formulations based on porosity control and anticaking.

Arkema works closely with LDAN / IGAN producers worldwide to make sure that high-quality industrial-grade ammonium nitrate is being produced. Our deep application expertise and long history working with LDAN allow us to effectively partner with our customers to improve the low-density ammonium nitrate production process, product quality, and performance. Arkema has the resources and expertise to actively engage with LDAN / IGAN producers to provide solid products and technical and logistics support when needed.