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Fertilizer deliquescence occurs when the surface of fertilizer absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. If a fertilizer blend absorbs moisture, the flow characteristics of the blend begin to change, leading to wet, clumpy fertilizer that can negatively impact growers’ abilities to plant, produce and harvest the crops that generate their revenues. In response to industry needs, Arkema focused efforts on better understanding the fundamental mechanisms which lead to moisture uptake in fertilizers and fertilizer deliquescence. We invested resources to develop better test methods and leveraged deliquescence research from related industries also struggling with this issue.

The result is Arkema’s next-generation Fluidiram® moisture-resistant anti-caking agent technology which reduces moisture absorption and adds hydrophobic characteristics which guard against deliquescence in bulk granular fertilizer blends for improved fertilizer handling. Fluidiram® moisture-resistant anti-caking agents delay the onset of deliquescence, effectively reducing a fertilizer blend’s propensity for moisture uptake and successfully extending the time available between initial blending and final field application.


Improved fertilizer blends
  • Significantly reduces fertilizer blend susceptibility to moisture uptake by up to 35%
  • Blends maintain free-flowing characteristics up to 4x longer, increasing the time available between blending and field application
  • Provides robust, long-lasting caking control
  • Compatible with typical blending, coating and application equipment and practices
Easier to work within narrow fertilizer application windows during spring and fall
  • Reduces potential for missed nutrient application to crop rows or sections
  • Compatible with most fertilizer blends
Creates a differentiated, high-value product your customers want                                                                               
  • Offsets financial risk of managing more sensitive fertilizer blends
  • Reduces potential for loss of valuable product

About our latest developments

Galoryl® WT 212

Moisture Resistant Coating where Caking is not a Primary Issue

• Moisture absorption control of blended products (Hydrophobic)

• UV tracer technology or Colorant available upon request

• Reduces logistics and handling cost

Fluidiram® 3515

Provides Robust Anti-Caking and Moisture Resistance

• Aids in prolonging deliquescence of blended fertilizer

• UV tracer technology available upon request

• Reduces logistics and handling cost

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