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A recent trend among fertilizer producers is to add micronutrients to fertilizer to meet the specific micronutrient requirements of varying soils and hence increase fertilizer value. But this process makes manufacturing a quality granule more difficult. The quality of such fertilizers is even more dependent on process additives such as granulation aids, dust control, and anti-caking coatings provided by Arkema, as generally, such softer fertilizer granules must be fortified with these additives. Arkema has significant experience in resolving micronutrient challenges and improving the characteristics of P, K, Urea, AN, AS, and bulk fertilizer blends.

Segregation is a significant issue when blending micronutrients with fertilizer due to differences in the blended particles' size and physical properties, such as volume, density, and shape. Some of the most economical micronutrients are typically found in powder form. When only a small percentage of a powdered micronutrient is needed for a bulk blend of multi-nutrient fertilizer, and that blend is spread over multiple acres of land, there can be significant segregation of the fine micronutrient particles resulting in uneven application in the field, and unwanted variations in the health and growth of the crop.
There are various ways of addressing this challenge to get a more homogenous distribution of the micronutrients in the fertilizer and, thereby, to the field. One way is to attach the micronutrient powder to the surface of the base fertilizer or fertilizer blend using some form of adhesion. This adhesion must be robust enough to withstand the application equipment without having the micronutrient powder abraded and separated from the granules. Still, it can't cause the plugging of the fertilizer applicator.

Arkema's Microstickers® and FERTIVATE® coatings are micronutrient binders explicitly engineered for this purpose, producing stable micronutrient fertilizer blends for up to 90 days. This technology provides consistent, uniform micronutrient distribution on fertilizer surfaces, enhanced color and appearance, and dust suppression characteristics. Microstickers technology has been used successfully for more than ten years, particularly in the Brazilian market, where severe micronutrient deficiencies in the soils of the vast and increasingly agriculturally important Cerrado region are being addressed successfully.

Arkema will work closely with you to assess your production plant needs, conduct micronutrient fertilizer blend formulation development and stability testing, complete engineering design and equipment installation, and provide ongoing technical support to optimize blend performance.


  • Agronomic enhancement                                                                                                   
  • Improved product marketability                                                                                                   
  • Increased product differentiation                                                                                                   
  • The ability to demand a price premium

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• Agronomic enhancement

• Increased product differentiation

• Improved product marketability


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