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Arkema’s paving systems encompass a wide range of pavement rehabilitation and construction applications. We offer strain tolerant asphalt binders for surface courses and bridge deck overlays that significantly improve fatigue resistance in thin overlay applications, retaining rut resistance while reducing potential reflective cracking. Our pavement recycling technologies reduce costs compared to traditional construction and are tools for rehabilitating roads with minor to major distresses. And our unique and cost-effective pavement maintenance technologies address the common pavement ailments of poor bonding, delamination, cracking, raveling and rutting.

With our advanced paving technologies, agencies and contractors realize value by seeing consistent, clear and measurable benefits with significant reductions in cracking, increased pavement durability and extended roadway life.

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Reflective Crack Relief Interlayer

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Strain Tolerant Pavement Layer

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Bonded Pavements

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Hot-In-Place Recycling

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