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With Arkema’s strain tolerant reflective/reflection cracking relief pavement interlayer line, overlaying concrete pavements successfully can now be accomplished. Strata® is designed to be impermeable and flexible to prevent moisture from infiltrating the pavement, and significantly delays reflective/reflection cracking in the overlay. It is a specialized high polymer, fine and densely graded HMA mix typically applied through conventional paving equipment, followed by a typical HMA mix. The Strata® interlayer significantly delays reflective/reflection cracking keeping the entire pavement structure in good condition and the traveling public happy. Strata® also prevents water from entering the concrete pavement below the Strata® lift and preserves the structural integrity of the pavement.

Strata® pavement technology extends paving dollars, while helping preserve the existing pavement structure. Using conventional HMA equipment and procedures, construction is faster and easier than other reflective / reflection cracking mitigation methods, minimizing user delays. Each interlayer can be engineered to the specific strain tolerance and rut resistance needed for a particular roadway. Roads constructed with Strata® pavement technology provide far better rut resistance and greater reduction in reflective / reflection cracking compared to conventional HMA or other modified asphalt binder types.

Studies in Kansas, USA, have shown that Strata® crack relief interlayers, when applied over concrete pavements in poor condition, preserved and delayed overlay reflective / reflection cracking for up to 12 years before another maintenance action on the overlay is needed. This is a 100% longer overlay life compared to conventional Kansas overlays. The significant cost savings from Strata® pavement technology allows government agencies to stretch their paving funds to address other infrastructure needs.


  • Improves road smoothness and ride comfort                                                           
  • Significantly delays both longitudinal and transverse cracking                                                           
  • Saves money in roadway repair expenses                                                           
  • Saves money in motorist user days                                                                                                        
  • Longer-lasting roads

More information about this range: Reflective Crack Relief Interlay


Strain Tolerant Reflective/Reflection Cracking Relief Pavement Interlayer

•Improves road smoothness and ride comfort

•Significantly delays both longitudinal and transverse cracking

•Saves money in roadway repair expenses

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