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For applications where foam is a must or a benefit, choose between our high foam non-ionic surfactants products that are from natural origin and synthetic origin.

Our High Foam surfactants derived from Natural origin:
Fatty alcohol Ethoxylate
  • Surfaline® LM3
  • Surfaline® LM10
  • Surfaline® LC23

This range of high foam surfactants is environmental friendly, highly concentrated and biodegradable.

Our High Foam surfactants from Synthetic origin:
Fatty alcohol Ethoxylate
  • Surfaline® OX1307L
  • Surfaline® OX1308L
  • Surfaline® OX1309L
  • Surfaline® OX1315L
  • Surfaline® OX1320L


In addition to the high wetting profile, our products provide the below benefits:                                       
  • Provides enhanced grease removal                                                                                   
  • Delivers one time application cleaner                                                                               
  • Effective in low temperature                                                                                           
  • Easy to manipulate                                                                                                               

More information about this range: Wetting Agents

Surfaline® C5L

Biodegradable fatty alcohol ethoxylate

• Easily processed in the formulation

• Provides surface wetting and high detergency properties

• Mainly recommended for hard surface cleaning applications

Surfaline® OX1003

OXO C10 synthetic fatty alcohol ethoxylate

• Biodegradable and 100% active

• Excellent wetting properties

• Used in all kinds of detergent applications

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