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Noroplast® Fatty amine ethoxylates
  • Used for the manufacture of compounds for antistatic or colour masterbatches
  • Wetting and dispersing agent for organic or mineral pigments and mineral fillers
  • Used as internal antistatic agents for plastic materials such as polyolefinic polymers of polypropylene type, LD  and HD polyethylene for the manufacture of films or moulding
  • Some grades have food approval
  • Good heat stability for 3 hours at 180°C

About our lastest developments

Noroplast® 8500 

Manufacture  of  antistatic  masterbatches:

• Antistatic agent for polyolefins in mass

• Type HD polyethylene and LD poly-ethylene and polypropylene                                                                 
Manufacture  of masterbatches for mass colouring of plastic materials:

• Wetting  and  dispersing  agent  for  fillers,  mineral  and  organic  pigments  and  colours

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