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Product Range Type Benefits
NORAM®  Fatty amines
  • Amines, Diamines, Ethoxylated (2) amines:
Corrosion inhibitors for:
-Motor oil
-Neat oil
-Fuel additives
  • Ethoxylated (>5) amines & diamines, INIPOL® OO2:
-Corrosion inhibitors for Soluble oil & semi synthetic fluids
-Enhance dispersion and emulsion
  • Fatty Diamines, INIPOL® OO2:
-filming amine
-protects from corrosion
DINORAM®  Fatty diamines
NORAMOX®  Fatty amine ethoxylates
DINORAMOX®  Fatty diamine ethoxylates
INIPOL® OO2  Fatty diamine salt

About our lastest developments

INIPOL® 002 

•Used to drawing soft copper and aluminium tubing, rod and wire                                                    
•Promotes sediment dispersion and prevents sludge                                                    
•Dewatering properties                                                    
•Corrosion inhibition


In reaction with lipophilic organic acids, used as:
•Corrosion inhibitors                                                                  
•Oleophilic wetting and dispersing agent                               
•Dewatering properties                                                                  
•For paints and inks                                                                  
•Lubricating agent for oils and releasing compounds

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