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During fertilizer production, fertilizer chemicals and process aids such as defoamers, granulation aids, filtration aids, and clarification aids are consumed or removed during fertilizer manufacturing and ultimately do not present as components in the finished fertilizer product. These chemistries and process aids provide optimal production efficiency, product quality, workplace safety, and environmental protection. Among other benefits, these process aids improve the cost economics of fertilizer production by enhancing capacity utilization, reducing plant downtime, and increasing the recovery of crop nutrient inputs.

Arkema has a deep commitment to the fertilizer industry and a thorough understanding of fertilizer manufacturing processes, including design, engineering, construction, operating conditions, regulatory constraints, environmental challenges, and economics. We custom-formulate and supply innovative fertilizer chemicals to the crop nutrition industry. We work closely with our customers to select, use and apply the right process aids in their operations. Our research scientists, engineers, and field personnel with hands-on fertilizer production experience will collaborate with you to develop better and more cost-effective fertilizer chemicals and process aids, and our technical experts will work with you on an ongoing basis to continually improve your fertilizer manufacturing operation.

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