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Product range Type Benefits
Neoliens®  Bio-based fatty alcohol alcoxylates
  • Highly concentrated liquid
  • Water-like viscosity allowing easy handling in production
  • Compatible with all surfactant categories
  • Compatible with highly compacted detergents
Surfaline®  Natural or synthetic fatty alcohol alcoxylates
  • Biodegradable
  • Including highly concentrated surfactants
  • With excellent performance behavior
  • Compatible with all surfactant categories
  • No charge influence: used in a long pH range
  • Cleanliness (iron free flowing), good detergency
  • Different HLB formulation design
  • Soluble in mineral oil, ester (natural & synthetic) and solvent
Noramox®  Fatty amine ethoxylates
  • Easy to process
  • High efficient industrial additives
  • Very good wetting properties in inverse emulsion
  • High thermal stability
  • Cationic behavior, enhance corrosion inhibition
INIPOL® OO2  Fatty diamine salt
  • Facilitates the dispersion of pigments, in particular carbon blacks in offset inks.
  • Reduces grinding times and ensures a perfect pigment/binder bond

About our lastest developments

Noramax® S2 

• Improve fuel economy of thermal engines                                                    
• Reduce overall CO2 emissions                                                    
• Prevents the formation of sediments by dispersing them                                                    
• Friction modifier in thermal or electric engine oils                                                    
• Added to fluids for automatic and manual transmissions

Inipol® OO2

• Used to drawing soft copper and aluminium tubing, rod and wire                                           
• Promotes sediment dispersion and prevents sludge                                           
• Dewatering properties                                           
• Corrosion inhibition

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