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With Arkema’s line of bonded pavement technology, you can now create a better bond between pavement lifts than was ever before possible. Utilizing a spray paver, agencies can now specify a higher quality polymerized tack coat applied at application rates of 4 to 6 times higher than traditional methods. This is achieved using a spray paver which combines the distributor and paver equipment into one machine, thus eliminating tracking away of the tack coat by construction vehicles. This increase in bonding liquid not only creates a better bond, but also provides a stress-absorbing membrane that significantly delays cracking in the new HMA overlay. BondTekk® has been successfully used on overlays on both concrete pavement and HMA surfaces.


  • Significantly delays both longitudinal and transverse cracking                                                           
  • Superior bonding of HMA overlay to the underlying surface                                                           
  • No tracking of tack coat from construction vehicles                                                           
  • A polymer-modified tack can be used which significantly increases bonding strength                                                                                                                      
  • Saves money in roadway repair expenses                                                           
  • Longer-lasting roads

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Strain Tolerant Pavement Layers for Road Surface Courses and Bridge Deck Overlays

• Saves money in roadway repair expenses

• Saves money in overall pavement construction cost

• Longer-lasting roads

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All types of mixes can be used in this process including dense graded super-pave mixes, stone matrix asphalt (SMA), open graded friction course (OGFC) and gap graded mixes. Studies from multiple projects in Kansas and Missouri show that after 7 years of service life, the BondTekk® -applied HMA had 73% less transverse cracking and a whopping 83% less longitudinal cracking versus the conventional paving process (distributor truck-applied tack coat).
Over 100,000,000 square yards of spray paver HMA has been applied in the US over the last 19 years including many using the BondTekk® technology with dense graded mixes. Longer-lasting HMA is now a reality with the use of BondTekk® technology, offering substantial life cycle cost savings to government agencies.

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