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A common challenge emulsion producers face when making cationic rapid-setting (CRS) chip seal/surface dressing emulsions is achieving and maintaining desired emulsion viscosity from production to road application. This challenge limits asphalt selection, thereby increasing asphalt costs, and often results in costly and time-consuming emulsion reprocessing.

Arkema’s cationic emulsifiers address these challenges by delivering optimal emulsion viscosity characteristics that remain consistent through time and across a wide range of asphalts. Our Dinoram® and Emulsamine® (EU) cationic emulsifiers provide emulsion producers the benefit of increased versatility in asphalt selection, which lowers asphalt costs and reduced emulsion reprocessing due to viscosity problems, making it more efficient and cost-effective for government agencies, emulsion producers, paving contractors, and the public.


  • Lower asphalt costs due to optimal emulsion viscosity that remains stable across a wide range of asphalts                                                                                    
  • Saves money and time in emulsion reprocessing                                                                         
  • Reduced risk of vehicle windshield damage claims                                                                         
  • Easier and faster roadway construction                                                                         
  • Longer-lasting roads

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Dinoram® 718L

CRS Asphalt Emulsifier for Moderate Emulsion Viscosity

• Viscosity stability

• Embedded adhesion promoter technology

• Performs across a wide variety of asphalt

Dinoram® 766H

CRS Asphalt Emulsifier for High Emulsion Viscosity

• Higher emulsion viscosity

• Longer-lasting chip seal

• Compatible with various aggregate types

Emulsamine® L60 (EU)

Asphalt Emulsions used in Rapid Setting (CRS) and Medium Setting Applications

• Liquid at low temperature

• High adhesion

• Fast breaking

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