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In order for a tack coat or bond coat to bond effectively, it must be allowed to dry before trucks and paving vehicles drive onto it to place a new pavement layer. If vehicles drive onto the bond / tack coat too soon, it can be picked up by tires, tracked away and deposited on nearby roads. This can lead to reduced friction of the road, impacting driver safety. The longer it takes for the tack coat or bond coat to dry, the greater the time needed to pave the road and return traffic, and the more likely the bond / tack coat gets tracked away. Tracking of tack coat or bond coat compromises pavement strength, quality and life span, and can also cause safety concerns for motorists as well as unsightly aesthetics. 

Most conventional non-tracking bond / tack coats are made of hard, brittle asphalt that is susceptible to cracking and can even promote cracking in pavement layers. ArrMuls®, Stabiram® and Dinoram® are better for pavements because they use softer paving-grade asphalts that are flexible, strain-tolerant and much less susceptible to cracking. They can also be formulated to meet typical specifications including AASHTO M-140 and ASTM D-977 for slow-setting (SS-1h) emulsion. ArrMuls®, Stabiram® and Dinoram® emulsifiers can be used to produce dilute and non-dilute emulsions that remain stable during extended storage and after repeated pumping cycles. 


  • Faster paving with less wait time for tack to dry                                                                        
  • Uses common paving-grade asphalts                                                                        
  • Easy to produce and storage stable                                                                        
  • Increases pavement strength by keeping tack where it belongs                                                                        
  • Paving-grade asphalt provides plenty of bond strength with strain tolerance, improving resistance to cracking and slippage versus hard pen asphalt tack                                                                                                                  
  • Eliminates costs to replace traffic paint and remove tracked tack                                                                        
  • Reduces safety liability of reduced friction roads caused by tracked tack

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ArrMuls® 1315

Asphalt Emulsifier for Better Micro-Surfacing Durability and Mix Control

• Longer-lasting micro-surfacing

• Better mix control in hot conditions

• Compatible with all asphalt/bitumen types


Slow-Setting Cationic Emulsion                                                                   

• Remain stable when stored for long durations

• Better constructability characteristics

• Facilitate faster return to traffic

Dinoram® SLA (EU)

Cationic Rapid Setting (CRS) Emulsifiers

• Liquid and easily biodegradable

• High efficiency

• Low sensitivity to bitumen quality

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