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  • Low dosage

Dinoram® SLA emulsifier is perfectly adapted to the emulsification of hard bitumen type 35/50 or to a context of frequent change of bitumen.
  • Fast return to traffic

Dinoram® SLA emulsifier does not need to be heavily dosed even with hard bitumen, which guarantees rapid setting in the field.
  • Breaking index Cl2-3-4

Dinoram® SLA emulsifier allows to reach different breaking classes according to EN 13808 standard depending on the emulsifier dosage and the concentration.
  • Safe and easy to use

The low viscosity of Dinoram® SLA emulsifier without use of flammable solvent makes it safe and easy to handle at ambient temperature.

Typical specifications1


Aspect at 25oC



IM 213

Total Alkalinity

ml HCl (N) / g

3.2 - 4.2

IM 010

1 Typical values not to be considered as sales specifications.