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Manual Dishwash    
Manual dishwashing products are water-based formulations presented in liquid or powder formulations; each has its own benefits in terms of convenience and use; from the basic formulations to the most sophisticated ones, find our sustainable and effective solutions for your manual dishwashing detergent (Sensio® Clear, Surfaline®).

Automatic Dishwash
Automatic dishwashing products are used for cleaning dishes at a higher rate. These detergents are available in powder, liquid form, and recently on tablets or pods. Low foam, clean dishes, Sparkling and Spotless glasses are our solutions for your automatic dishwashing detergents and rinse aid (Sensio® Clear, Ensoline®, Surfaline®).

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Product Range Type Benefits
SENSIO® CLEAR Fatty alcohol alkoxykate
  • Highly concentrated liquid
  • Water-like viscosity allowing easy handling in production
  • Compatible with all surfactant categories
  • Compatible with highly compacted detergents
ENSOLINE®  Low foaming Ensoline LF54 and Ensoline LF80
  • Low foaming surfactant
  • Quick surface wetting
  • Enhanced fat removal
  • One time application cleaner
  • Soils carrier
  • Effective in low temperature
  • Easy to manipulate
SURFALINE®  Fatty alcohol alkoxykate
  • Biodegradable
  • Including highly concentrated surfactants
  • With excellent performance behavior

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