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All-Purpose Cleaner/ Glass Cleaner
Arkema offers dedicated solutions for all types of surfaces, even the most delicate ones. Looking for streak-free surfaces? Check our our range for Ecocert and Ecolabel formulations:
  • Sensio® Clear                                                                                                                
Toilet Care
Arkema has developed efficient and biodegradable products used in all kinds of acidic formulations for the toilet bowl and bathroom cleaning. Discover our efficient solutions for toilet and bowl care formulations with our thickeners and surfactants for crystal cleaning.  
  • Cecajel®
  • Sensio® Clear
Product Range Type Benefits
SENSIO® CLEAR Fatty alcohol alkoxykate
  • Highly concentrated liquid
  • Water-like viscosity allowing easy handling in production
  • Compatible with all surfactant categories
  • Compatible with highly compacted detergents
CECAJEL®  Thickener Easy to process
No heating, short dissolving
Compatible with strong and weak acids
Hydrochloric, phosphoric, nitric, sulfuric, sulfamic, citric, methanesulfonic
Provides clear and stable gels
Very good wetting properties

Detergent and perfume solubilizer
Compatible with biocides

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