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Higher-grade garnet performs better as an abrasive when softer minerals that break up and cause excess dust are removed. Compared to alternative separation methods, the garnet flotation process typically yields the highest-grade garnet mineral. Garnet minerals are extracted from complex ore bodies under specialized flotation conditions, which facilitate the separation of the heavier garnet from lighter gangue minerals. Specialized chemicals designed to suppress stubborn gangue minerals during garnet mineral flotation can be used to take the strain off of downstream processes.

At Arkema, we produce process chemicals for garnet mineral flotation, such as cationic and anionic collectors, which optimize the flotation process while maximizing garnet mineral grade and recovery. We also produce functional chemicals, including flocculants, slime depressants, and dispersants, to improve the flotation process's selectivity and final product marketability. Finally, our flocculants help improve the water recycling system at the flotation plant by effectively settling fine tailings.

Arkema's mining chemicals are tailor-made for each garnet mineral processor's unique ore and operational scenario and comply with all applicable industry regulatory requirements. In addition to providing process consultation to producers who use our chemicals in their garnet mineral flotation process, Arkema's expert field personnel are also available as process advisors to our customers' engineers, production managers, and operations personnel.