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Mined phosphate rock is sold to phosphate processing plants that digest the rock using sulfuric acid to make phosphoric acid. The vast majority of phosphoric acid is used in the production of fertilizers to grow the food the world needs; additionally, phosphoric acid is also used as an additive in livestock feed and even in food products.

When phosphate rock is brought out of the ground, it is naturally mixed with unwanted material or gangue. Gangue is removed from the phosphate ore through phosphate beneficiation, which includes screening at varying size fractions, washing, and flotation. During phosphate flotation, producers use Arkema’s flotation reagents to selectively separate the desired phosphate from the gangue, focusing on maximizing phosphate grade and recovery.

Just as each phosphate rock deposit is unique in its composition, so are Arkema's phosphate flotation reagents. Our technical experts' custom-formulate flotation reagents based on your unique phosphate ore to maximize mineral grade and recovery during phosphate beneficiation. We offer a complete line of mining chemicals to overcome specific challenges faced during the phosphate flotation process. Depending on the type and quantity of impurities found in your phosphate rock deposit, Arkema can custom formulate anionic and cationic collectors, frothers, and pH modifiers for direct and reverse flotation in primary, secondary, and cleaner floats. Our technical experts also offer flowsheet design and ongoing process consultation services to optimize your phosphate beneficiation process and cost performance.

The best way to maximize the value of your phosphate rock is to involve Arkema from the very beginning of your phosphate beneficiation project to capitalize on potential synergies when formulating reagents, selecting plant equipment, and designing your process flowsheet. Let us innovate a complete mining chemical package for your phosphate rock beneficiation opportunity.