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The primary rare earth minerals processed commercially are bastnäsite, monazite, and xenotime. One of the primary separation techniques used to beneficiate rare earth minerals is froth flotation because it allows the processing of a relatively wide range of fine particle sizes, can be tailored to the unique mineralogy of a specific deposit and has been successfully used in multiple locations. Arkema has proven expertise in rare earth mineral flotation. Our metallurgical labs can work with you to develop the best collector and flowsheet design for your unique, rare earth mineral ore.

New rare earth deposits are being developed to meet demand, but most developing deposits include rare earth minerals for which limited processing knowledge exists. Apart from monazite and bastnäsite, there is little research available on rare earth mineral flotation of, for example, xenotime, and even less research available for newer, more complex rare earth mineral deposits. Due to the diversity and complexity of rare earth mineral ores, it is crucial to work with a specialty chemicals company with specific experience in developing mining chemical technologies for rare earth mineral flotation. 

At Arkema, we formulate rare earth mineral flotation reagents to meet your unique needs. We can further enhance flotation efficiency by realizing synergies through the custom design of a collector/depressant package tailored to your specific rare earth mineral deposit. Please send us your ore and let us custom-formulate flotation reagents and a flowsheet design to enable you to process rare earth minerals more efficiently from ore deposits that may be under-utilized.