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Silica mining often involves surface-mined open pit operations, although dredging and underground mining are also used. For industrial applications, silica mineral deposits yielding products with at least 95% quartz (SiO2) are preferred. The production of such high-purity sand requires that the extracted ore undergo significant mineral processing to reduce impurities through froth flotation of gangue minerals such as iron, aluminum, and magnesium away from the silica. Depending on the application, it is then dried and sized to the optimum particle size distribution.

Whatever your process, Arkema can help improve your silica mineral flotation operations. We have significant experience in silica flotation, supporting major silica mining operations worldwide. With metallurgical labs and production facilities across the globe, we can conduct specialized testing on your ore to develop the best-performing, most cost-effective silica flotation reagents for your operations. In many cases, we can design a reagent that floats faster and simplify your flowsheet design. We offer process consultation for every type of silica beneficiation process, from robust scrubbing operations to the most complex silica flotation schemes. We can help manage your process water quality for improved flotation and environmental considerations. 

Arkema is a leading provider of flotation reagents developed specifically for silica mineral processing plants that produce sand of the highest purity for premium electronic applications. We custom-blend high-grade cationic and anionic collectors, promoters, and frothers for this specific purpose. Please send us your ore and let us do the same for you.