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Fluidiram® Fertilizer Anti-Caking Agents for the Crop Nutrition Industry

Product overview
Fluidiram® anti-caking agents for fertilizers are designed to prevent fertilizer caking or clumping, which often creates safety hazards for workers attempting to move caked piles and leads to fertilizer losses in the crop nutrition industry. Fluidiram® coatings are custom formulated to your unique fertilizer to provide optimal anti-caking performance. They are usually formulated with other components that reduce the formation of dust, excessive amounts of which can also contribute to caking.
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Fluidiram® Anti-Caking Agents for Fertilizers

Fertilizer caking or clumping is a significant concern in the crop nutrition industry, especially in dry fertilizer production, storage, transportation and application. Fertilizers are often stored in open bins in very large bulk quantities and caked product can cause portions of the pile to form unstable “cliffs” of material that are hazardous for equipment operators digging into the base of the pile since higher, caked sections can dislodge and fall. Caked fertilizer in bulk transport equipment can also be difficult to load and unload. It can cause improper distribution in blending or other compounding operations and when fertilizer is not free flowing, can result in uneven distribution during field application.

Fluidiram® anti-caking agents for fertilizers are custom-tailored to interrupt these fertilizer caking tendencies, thereby enhancing the fertilizer’s value and handling safety. Fluidiram® coatings are usually formulated with other components that reduce the formation of dust, excessive amounts of which can also contribute to caking.

Fluidiram® anti-caking agents for fertilizers:

  • Provide robust, long-lasting caking control.
  • Are easy to apply to dry fertilizer in a typical operation.
  • Made of ingredients suitable for safe use in the facilities where they are applied as well as for all downstream uses and applications including agriculture.
  • Do not undermine the treated fertilizer’s ability to comply with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Enhance the treated fertilizer’s marketability.
  • Are economical.

When crop nutrition producers treat their fertilizer adequately with one of our high-quality Fluidiram® anti-caking agents, they can rest assured that they’ve properly addressed fertilizer caking-related safety concerns in their workplace as well as in downstream handling facilities.


  • Reduced fertilizer caking                                                                                    
  • Improved workplace safety                                                                                    
  • Reduced product losses                                                                                    
  • Enhanced product marketability                                                                                    
  • Equipment protection                                                                                    
  • Reduced logistics and handling costs                                                                                    
  • Easier regulatory compliance

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