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Excellent thermal stability

The mixture of CECABASE® RT BIO 10 and bitumen can be stored for several weeks at 180°C without loss of performance.


Wide asphalt compatibility

CECABASE® RT BIO 10 is fully compatible with any kind of asphalt modification including Poly Phosphoric Acid (PPA).


Adhesion promoter at low dosage

CECABASE® RT BIO 10 protects efficiently most of the mixes from moisture with dosage as low as 4 kg per ton of bitumen.


Increased mix workability

As a workability additive, CECABASE® RT BIO 10 can be used to increase hauling time and distance of a hot mix or to make paving jobs easier in cold weather conditions (extension of paving season).


Increased recycling rate

When the rate of recycled aggregates (RAP) is increased, CECABASE® RT BIO 10 can help to maintain the workability of the mix without need for virgin aggregates superheating.

Typical values and properties1



Aspect at 25oC

- Liquid IM 213
Flash point oC 174 IM 097
Solidification point oC 0 IM 055


1 Typical values not to be considered as sales specifications.